A Message from Jim DeMint of Heritage

Fellow Conservative,

After six years of bad policies and worse leadership, liberals are finally realizing just what a calamity the Obama administration has been.

Even the reliably liberal New York Times said “even the slightest injection of the Obama brand into this election seems perilous for Democrats.”

But this bad political environment for liberals doesn’t change the fact that the radical Obama agenda remains in place — and that liberals want to double down.

Government continues to expand. Obamacare remains in force. The economy is still handicapped by red tape and high taxes and overzealous bureaucrats.

It’s midnight in America. And it’s our turn to shine the light.

After years of disastrous liberal leadership, Americans are desperate for an alternative. Conservatives have the advantage now. You and I need to press that advantage.

That’s why The Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action for America are undertaking an urgent joint initiative to reclaim our country from the forces that have pushed us to the edge of a dangerous precipice.

I need you with us if we are to undo the Obama agenda and win real conservative victories.

Find out how you can join this fight for conservative victories >> http://bit.ly/1wsvK1k

Thank you for your support for both Heritage and Heritage Action.

Jim DeMint
The Heritage Foundation

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