Why Is Trump Zooming Ahead?

This is why Trump is zooming ahead. He is at least talking about issues that most Americans are concerned about.

My mantra about Trump is this: I am in agreement with most of what he says. I just wish someone else was saying it and meaning it!

We are getting older and our tickers aren’t what they used to be…so here is Our Special Bucket List for 2015,16….

1. Hillary: In Prison!
2. Put “GOD” back in America!!!
3. Borders: Closed!
4. Congress: On the same retirement & healthcare plans as everybody else . 5. Congress: Obey its own laws NOW! Serve the people not yourselves!
6. Language: English only! 7. Culture: Constitution, and the Bill of Rights! That means “No sharia law” Assimilate into American culture or skedaddle!
8. Drug Free: Mandatory Drug Screening before & during Welfare!
9. NO freebies to Non-Citizens! 10. NO more anchor babies!
11. Balance the budget.
12. Stop giving away our money to foreign countries! Charge them for our help! We need it here! 13. Fix the TAX CODE! 14. Teach our children how to be achievers , etiquette and how to be winners!
15. Stop teaching our children disrespect of America, perversion and how to be immoral!
16. IMPEACH Obama the DICTATOR!! 17. Make America Great Again! And most of all!

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