No More Shopping at Walgreens

We’ve been buying Wal-Zyr D for Congestion from Walgreens for a long time. Normally I only buy this on Senior Day, the 1st Tuesday of each month. When I went into my local Walgreens at Store #09569, 958 Haily Lane, Pueblo West, CO, 81007 today (Senior Day) the price went from formerly $17 to $18, now the price jumped to $21.77. That price does not include the Senior Discount. Bah HumBug! BS! Disgusting!

The fellow in charge at the Pharmacy told me that such Congestion Products are no longer entitled to the 20% Senior Discount. No doubt Walgreens learned they were selling a lot of these congestion products to Seniors, so let’s take them out of the Senior Discount. And for that decision they have lost all of our business, which has been substantial over the years. We welcome any others that want to quit shopping at Walgreens.

From now on all such purchases and others will be made at the local Walmart. Another poor marketing decision made by Walgreens. Thank goodness for Walmart.

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