USA – We Are A Nation of Rules – Not Rulers! No Kings. No Queens. No Subjects.

Please pay special attention to the above heading! This country is supposed to be, was founded on, to be governed by the PEOPLE, not a bunch of Lunatic Left-Wing Democrats. Those who voted for Biden and his Lackeys will eventually regret their vote. This will be the beginning of the end of the USA as we have known it. You think I am kidding, just wait a while, see how they institute absolute Lunatic Left-Wing Democratic Control (same as left-wing worst president ever uninformed Muslim Obama) over all of the Tax Paying Citizens of the USA. That (Control), after all, has been their goal for years! To me, it is beyond belief that anyone would vote for the Democrats in any location across the country.

Let’s not forget the interference from Chinese Communists (CCP) in our 2020 election. They too are wanting more control in our USA. This must STOP!

Remember, these are the same Democrats that want to institute Global Climate Change at Monumental Tax Payer expense. Looks like the looser Al Gore will be in charge of that fiasco. There is no climate change other than what Mother Nature handles from time to time. Even if there was a climate change, no amount of money spent would show any results unless all of the countries around the globe were to participate and pay their part too. That just won’t happen! Once again the USA would foot most or all the bill!

NEVER forget the Lunatic Left-Wing Democrats are the people who advocate for and use Tax Payer money to fund ABORTIONS. Over 50 to 60 million babies murdered over the past years. Absolute insanity! Plus many murdered so the Lunatic Left-Wing Democrats can sell their baby body parts.

Of course the 2020 Election has been Election Fraud of the first order. Remember those who vote decide nothing; those who count the vote decide everything. That was from Joseph Stalin! Do you remember Joe?

However, if Biden and his Lackeys do ultimately get into the White House, then our system of The People will exist no longer. Then it will no longer be the White House, but will be renamed to the House of Criminal Enterprise! Make no mistake about it.

Legislatures make laws, tyrants make edicts. Soon you will be seeing this from the Lunatic Left-Wing Democrats.

At 80 years old, I’ve been fighting Democrats and wondering for years, why have the black people been continually voting for Democrats, when it’s the Democrats that kept them enslaved for years down south and some locations around the central USA as well. In addition, the Democrats have further kept black, brown and whites enslaved thru lack of proper education in Public Schools. Lunatic Left-Wing Democrats have been pushing their control agenda (Brain Washing) thru so-called higher education in Universities, Colleges, Night School and other institutions for years. Spend a lot of money sending young people off to what is supposed to be higher education to be brain washed. Absolutely disgusting!

Remember, it was the Republicans thru Abraham Lincoln that did Free The Slaves during the Civil War. (Republican Party did not exist until 1858.) However, it was the Southern Democrats that kept the freed slaves under “control” (that word again) by way of the KKK and other despicable Democrat Groups. However there are many very good Republicans and Conservatives in the south. Most are fighting these Nazis as many of us fight them every day.

My God, what does it take for people to wake up to reality. Lunatic Left-Wing Democrats have no intention of governing thru “We The People”. Lunatic Left-Wing Democrats are Rulers thru absolute control. Have you looked at or read their Democratic Platform from 2020 DNC? Most of their proposed Control Issues are right there in black and white. In four years you will not recognize this once great country. You think I am kidding, you better wake up folks!

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