Senator Ted Cruz uplifting speech from The Family Research Council’s Values Voter

If you haven’t seen Senator Ted Cruz’s uplifting speech from the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit last Friday, I hope you can watch it today:

In it, he provided a clear vision for victory. As he stated, reflecting on Psalm 30:5, “Joy cometh in the morning.” My friends, morning is coming.

Cruz’s inspiring speech earned rave reviews from the media, too.

Politico reported, “Sen. Ted Cruz captivates Values Voter Summit.”
U.S. News and World Report’s headline said “At Value Voters Summit, Ted Cruz Hits His Mark.”
The Hill noted Cruz received “a rockstar’s reception from the crowd.”
The Washington Times reported that he “drew a standing ovation from the crowd…even before he spoke” and “brought the crowd to its feet multiple times” throughout.

Breitbart said, “Cruz gave a passionate speech about religious liberty and faith. Invoking personal stories from his own life, the senator highlighted the power of hope in the darkest of times.”

The Daily Beast said “the first-term Texas senator repeatedly brought attendees to their feet as he hit every note perfectly for the crowd” and that “Cruz’s words electrified the room.”

This week, Cruz also sat down with Weekly Standard’s Bill Kristol for a discussion about, as Kristol said, what is “Beyond Obama.” After writing that Cruz’s commentary was “sound and intelligent” Kristol wrote:

Today’s conservative task is daunting. But it’s also exciting. The business founder Peter Thiel asks, when was the last time an American politician really envisioned, in a serious and plausible way, a future qualitatively different from the present or the immediate past? His answer? Ronald Reagan, speaking at the Berlin Wall in June 1987. Reagan envisioned a world without the Soviet Union. And then it came to pass. That was a generation ago. Reagan remains an inspiration and a model for American conservatives. But the times require not Reaganite nostalgia but a neo-Reaganite agenda. Younger Republican candidates and bolder Republican officeholders sense this.”

Ted Cruz senses this. He has not hesitated to speak out and challenge Washington’s conventional foreign policy thinking, just like Kristol said.

On Sunday evening, Cruz published a Politico op-ed questioning why the Obama Administration is moving forward with nuclear negotiations with Iran while they continue to hold Americans, including Pastor Saeed, in prison. Cruz wrote:

U.S. leaders should not fall into the trap of blindly assuming that just because our enemy Iran hates our enemy ISIL, it means that Iran is now our friend. We would do much more to defend the national security interests of the United States by seeking common cause with our real allies in the region than by pursuing some misguided and dangerous attempt at détente with the Islamic Republic of Iran. We should also insist that if the Iranians want a seat at the negotiating table, they must start by releasing the American citizens unjustly detained in their country. It’s time.

Cruz is demonstrating the bold, clear leadership our nation needs.

Whether it’s the economy, our out-of-control federal government, amnesty, religious freedom, foreign policy, or any other important issue, Ted Cruz rises to the occasion to fight for our liberties.

As shown from his speeches and remarks this week, he is a clear-thinking, inspirational leader. His message is confident and reminds us of our American greatness. With your help, more people can hear that message.

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