The American People are Hungry for Principled Republican Leadership on Key Principles

The American people are hungry for principled Republican leadership. Regardless of what lies and smears come from Big Government Democrats and special interests this election year, they must not surrender on key Republican Principles, including:
LOWERING TAXES AND SPENDING. High taxes and out-of-control spending aren’t solving our problems. They’re the root cause!

AUDITING THE FED. It’s time to expose the Federal Reserve’s secrecy and economic manipulation that lead to constant economic crises and dollar destruction;

PROTECTING CIVIL LIBERTIES. Americans will not allow our federal government to run roughshod over our remaining freedoms in the name of “security.” As Benjamin Franklin said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety;”

REPEALING OBAMACARE. This $2.6 trillion disaster stands to wreck our economy. The national Republican Party can and must stand by efforts to stop implementation at the state level;

PROTECTING THE TENTH AMENDMENT. The national Republican Party should loudly stand with any efforts of states to take back control over their respective jurisdictions under the Constitution of the United States;

PROTECTING THE RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND PROPERTY. We must work to stop infringements on our Second Amendment rights like the Feinstein Gun Ban, protect the unborn and end the TSA.

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