Our War and the World’s War is with Muslim Islamic Religion Radical Terrorists – Must KILL Them All…

No matter what incompetent Obama doesn’t or won’t say, our absolute enemies do come in the form of Muslim Islamic Religion Radical Terrorists! No question about it! They represent nothing but murderers, killers and bottom feeders one and all. In Syria, Iraq and other mid-east locations they’ve murdered thousands of Christians, Iraqis, Free Syrians and non-believers. They are absolutely disgusting in and and all forms.

It’s time for the world to come together to kill all of them..no exceptions and no prisoners! Obama is useless, he needs to go as well. He’s worthless. Send him back to Kenya, his home country. If we don’t come together to get rid of these bottom-feeders, then we are all lost and most likely we will all be eventually killed! Wake up folks! This is real!

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