Hillary Clinton Republicans

Republicans like Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) are now trying to justify their votes to confirm Hillary Clinton’s nomination by claiming that she lied to them. The truth is that Senator Cornyn knew that the foundation was going to continue accepting foreign donations and that Hillary Clinton couldn’t be trusted. Yet he chose to look the other way.

Source: Hillary Clinton Republicans

Why The Presidential Election Is Rigged!

If the people who vote in the Presidential Election are known for whom they will vote, is that considered rigged?

These are the people who will vote Democrat:

1.) Everyone on welfare who pays no federal taxes.
2.) Most blacks, 85 percent or more.
3.) Most Native Americans who still live on the reservations.
4.) Most federal government employees.
5.) Most people who think Democrats “care about the little guy.”
6.) People opposed to photo ID and PreRegistration.
7.) People opposed to individual responsibility and self-reliance.
8.) People whose parents vote Democrat.

Some people would call these groups a given. Some of us prefer the term “Rigged.” Also please see http://wp.me/p3Wa0P-k0

James in Pueblo and me too.

Liberty Guard | Protecting and Defending Individual Liberty

LibertyGuard.org was established by Bob Barr, Congressman 1995-2003 to Protect and Defend Individual Liberty. Due to the increase in the size and scope of government on all levels, the fight for liberty must take place on many levels and make use of diverse methods.

Bob Barr(R) is an example of how the democrats get rid of the enemy. Because of his role as a House Manager in the Impeachment Trial of President Clinton and for his aggressive advocacy of restoring the the Federal government to it Constitutional limits, Barr became a priority target of the democrats. The democrat controlled “Georgia” legislature redrew and dismantled Barr’s Congressional district – removing Barr’s voters and giving him new voters, thus assuring his defeat in 2002. This is how the democrats treat their enemies. Democrats equals a pathetic group of bottom feeders. Please check out the web site below. Further proof we must get rid of the Clintons.

Source: Liberty Guard | Protecting and Defending Individual Liberty

We Just Learned How Much More Government Employees Make Than We Do. THIS IS WRONG.

This is just plain wrong and must be changed. Remember these people are being paid with Taxpayer Money. The Government doesn’t have any money, other than our Taxpayer Money. And they make more than we do. Time to change this!

This is unbelievable.

Source: We Just Learned How Much More Government Employees Make Than We Do. THIS IS WRONG.